Arthur Thornton & Elizabeth Guile

Arthur Thornton & Elizabeth Guile
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Arthur THORNTON was born on 19 February 1845 in Landford (Wiltshire, ENGLAND), died on 15 November 1902 in Old Down , Morstead Hants, aged 57.
He is the illegitimate son of Ellen (1826) THORNTON (1826-), aged 18.
He married Elizabeth (Emily) GUILE (1844-1924), daughter of Thomas GUILE (1811-) and Harriet STONE (1810-) on 12 December 1863 in Whiteparish, Wilts. Arthur was 18 and Elizabeth was 19.
Children of Arthur and Elizabeth were:
Jane Ann THORNTON, born in 1866 in Whiteparish. She had no known descendants.
George T THORNTON, born in 1867 in Lyndhurst. He married Mary HAYES. He had 9 children: Louisa, Rose, Mabel, Arthur, Robert, Ernest, Earnest, William and William.
Caroline E (1870) THORNTON, born about 1870 in Eling. She had no known descendants.
Harry THORNTON, born in 1870 in Botley, Hants. He had no known descendants.
Lily THORNTON, born in 1871 in Beechwood Farm , Bartley . New Forest Hants, died on 5 January 1932 in Eastleigh, aged 61. She married James ROGERS on 15 April 1893. She had 9 children: Lily, Arthur, James, Earnest, Ivy, Edward, John, William and Ellen.
Henry Arthur (Harry) Later Arthur (1872) THORNTON, born on 26 April 1873 in Beechwood, Eling, died in 1957, aged 83. He married Ethel Louisa POOK in 1893. He had one child: Thomas.
William (1875) THORNTON, born in 1875 in Beechwood Farm , Bartley . New Forest Hants. He had no known descendants.
Thomas THORNTON, born in 1878 in Chlworth, Hants. He married Alice Annie BUNNEY on 26 December 1899. He had 8 children: Edith, Caroline, Lucy, Thomas, Emily, Arthur, Hilda and Margaret.
Rose ( 1882) THORNTON, born in 1882. She had no known descendants.
Henry William (1893) THORNTON, born about 1883. He had 3 children: Philip, Margaret and John.
May Charlotte (Sal) THORNTON, born in 1884. She married Gerald Robert Oakley BEDFORD on 2 July 1913. She had no known descendants.
Florrie THORNTON. She had no known descendants.
Ethel THORNTON. She married Sidney WAKE. She had 2 children: Gay and Edna.
Arthur Thornton burial record
Page22- 170 Date 15th Nov1902 of Old Down, Morested Nr.Winchester Age 60
Emily Elizabeth Thornton burial record
Page 26 -205 17th June 1924 age 83 of Knowle Mental Hospital Hants
Morested Church Burial records .pdf
Emily ( Emma )(Elizabeth) Guile was the daughter of Thomas Guile a Bricklayer of Whiteparish Wilts. and his wife Harriet Stone
Emily had the following siblings Jane, Sophia, Agnes, Ellen , Job and George.
Harriet’s families of Prince & Stone we have back to c1720 in the area of Downton Wilt