Our Families

Our Genealogy

The families that are recorded here have their origins in England, Scotland and Eire.
The known story of each will be found within the group page linked by the BLUE hyperlinks.
In 1973 Sue and I returned to England with our young family following 6 years in BC. Canada. From age 16 when I began my five Engineering apprenticeship I lived with my Mum’s sister, Aunt Mary in Belvedere Kent. She had been extremely kind and generous to me throughout.
Now by way of a “Thank You” we invited her to visit us at our home in Corby, Northhants. While there one evening, after we had enjoyed dinner and a bottle of wine . She began to tell the story of her many visits to her father’s birthplace in County Mayo ,a hamlet called Graughill pronounce “Gramfil”. I recorded her story of visits to the family owned smallholding from 1909 through 1939 , I still have a digital copy of the tape. Now having heard this very personal and moving story I asked my Aunt if she would like join us in a visit to Mayo. She agreed and so we were introduced us to our Irish cousins.
Three adults and two toddlers squished into the Datsun 510 and boarded the Irish Ferry at Anglesey , landing in Dun Laoghaire , Dublin , then driving across to the West Coast. Where we had rented the old Schoolmasters house in Graughill for our 3 week stay.
Not surprisingly, as was probably her intent, this awoke my interest in our Irish ancestry.
On my return home I began by drawing a chart of all that I could learn from oral accounts and that recorded in the family bible . This then remained rolled up for many years until I bought my first computer around 1990, when the power of the internet enabled undreamt of access to the records .

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