Martin Munley & Emily White

Martin Munley 1903 – 1959

Martin was born in England 3 rd Feb. 1903, he came to Canada in 1926. and settled near Ottawa where got work as a farm worker in the area. He found himself at a farm of William White in Beachburg. It was there she met the girl on his dreams.

As soon as he started courting Emily, he found himself out of a job and moved on down the road where he worked for the next seven years. He finally married for love of his life in 1935. With jobs being scarce he went whenever he could find work, and that meant he was on the road, lot of the time.

Martin was a very gentle man, a devoted father, and a very hard worker. He worked for as little as 10õ a day when his family was young. In 1938 he moved his family to Coniston and found work wherever he could, until he was hired on at the Falconbridge smelter in 1940. He walked from the Coniston to Falconbridge to work and back about 10 miles each way.
He bought a house in Garston in 1941 form or $1100 and let’s get the rest of his life. In 1952 he bought his first car, a 1948 Chevrolet. He learnt to drive in the driveway. He drove back and forth for about three weeks then he went and got a permit.

He had a sense of humor, laughter music played the violin and the harmonica. He would call square dances at parties and he loves to sing. “Oh Danny Boy” that was one of his favourites. Watching was always welcome at parties as everyone enjoyed his talents. He enjoyed a pint now and then but was not one to over indulge.

Martin enjoyed his grandchildren and would take them for walks until the store for treats. He had a heart attack in 1956 and the second in 1957. It was then that they discovered he had cardial vascular disease. He had a blockage in the leg which caused him great pain. Surgery was performed in 1959 but he never recovered.

Medicine has come a long way since. I have had the same surgery 20 years later with great success. It is, I believe to be an inherited disease, which hopefully can be halted in future generations.
He is sadly missed by all who knew and loved him.

Emily Munley nee White 1903 -1979

Emily was born on a farm near Beachburg Ontario June 9, 1903.  She went blind at the age of two after having had measles.  Her blindness didn’t stop her from learning.  She attended public school and were she learned most of her lessons by listening and with the help of a classmate and her family she learned to write, and was able to pass her entrance exams at grade eight.

Most of her life was spent on the farm until she met Martin who was a hired hand on the farm.  Once her dad found out about him she was forbidden to see him and fired Martin.  She was determined to see him and would slip out at night to meet him.  This went on for seven years and finally they were married in 1935.  We found a small place delivered in Beachburg and Martin went on the road to find work.  While he was away on the house was struck by lightning and ran to the ground.  She was alone with her mother and younger son.  She tossed young billed at of the window to pacify while her while helping her mother, her mother drop dead in her arms from a heart attack.  Everything they owned was lost in the fire.

In 1938 they moved to Coniston Ontario and Martin was able to get work.  First, road crew and then in 1940 he got the job and Falconbridge mine.  In 1941 they bought a house in Garston where she lived and to her death in 1979.

Emily had five children, William, Elma, Margaret, and Nora, and Marion.  She raised them all without any help and as the writer I must say did a fine job.  She had to go through a lot of hard times and was able overcome all.  Later life she was taught to type by CNIB and was able to write all her own letters.  This was a great achievement for her, as it gave her confidence and independence.

Emily had a great memory.  She could remember phone numbers and recognized for his even one she had not heard in years.  She was well known for her homemade bread.  When her family was small and times were tough she would bake bread every day and selling or 10¢ a loaf.  She would also unravel old sweater and knit them into mitts and socks.  As soon as they kids were old enough taught to knit their own .

Martin bought Emily her first electric stove in 1952.  This was a problem at the beginning, but after a few burnt batches of bread she learned to control the oven dial after that all went well.

After Martin died in 1959 and it was great concern for her by her family are as he was her eyes as well as her great companion.  After a few years  she became active in the CNIB.  There she became involved in bowling and was the All Ontario bowling champion in 1963.   

And one in contention for CNIB and she met them later married John Johnson 1954.  John was also blind at the time, he later received a cornea transplant and was able to see enough to get around.  This enabled them to do some travelling together.  Emily and John travel to England once by boat and again by plane.  She enjoyed meeting margins family and talked about it many times have had hoped Sunday we could meet and get to know them.

John and Emily had a good life until her death in April 1979 and he died in October 1979

Emily will always be remembered.

Written by: Margaret Piche