PatricK Munley

Patrick Munley –


We know very little about Patrick’s life as he emigrated to Australia in the 1920’s .


Patrick's Australian Military Record WWII
Patrick’s Australian Military Record WWII

We have been told that he was a professional footballer at one time and also worked in the Australian goldfields in Western Australia .

My brother Martin writes :

Christmas 1998 we all took a trip to Perth WA

During this trip Mick and I got an inland flight to Experance on the south coast 700k from Perth . We then hired a car and drove north 200k to Norseman 200k south of Kalgoorlie .

From the records office we obtained a map of the local cemetery showing Patrick Munleys burial place .

It was rather untidy with rebar surrounds

We tidied up a bit and put some wild flowers on the grave .