The Noble Ancestry of Emma Scarr

This is the starting point from where we discovered Dian’s noble ancestors.

The following is not entirely our research, we are deeply indebted particularly to David and Lyn Hall and Therese Galanakis who have so willingly shared their research when they learned of our connection to the line.
Emma Scarr, born 1839 was the eldest daughter of James Scarr and Elizabeth Butler. She married our Thomas Pettit c1856 probably in Shelford Cambridgeshire.
This section contains a huge amount of historical information.

Historical docs :

I would like to suggest that you look at the Edward to Dian link below to get a clear picture in your head of this journey.

Outline of the lineage

1239 Eleanor of Castile

1271 Joan de Acre + Gilbert de Clare

1291 Elizabeth de Clare + Roger D’Amorie

1318 Elizabeth D’Amorei + John Bardolf

1349 William Bardolf + Agnes Poynings

1371 Cecilia Bardolf + Brian Stapleton

1408 Myles Stapleton + Katherine de la Pole

1409 Elizabeth Stapleton + William Calthorpe

1505 Ann Calthorpe + Robert Drury

1500 Ursula Drury + Giles Alington

1520 Robert Alington + Betrix Coningsby

1525 Margret Alington + John Killingsworth

1559 Betrix Killingswoth + John Austin

1601 Alington Austin + Thomas Howling

1623 Thomas Howling + Sarah ?

1653 Martha Howling + Richard Tunwell

1689 Thomas Tunwell + Constantina Brewster

1715 Constante Tunwell +William Dean

1753 John Dean + Ester Turner -I have created a separate page for the Dean branch

1785 Constance Dean + James Butler

1817 Elizabeth Butler + James Scarr

1839 Emma Scarr + Thomas Petitt  – From here go to Petti Stallan page

  • Edward 1st to Dian Smith
  • Bardolfs
  • Sir Robert Drury
  • Alington of Horsefield Cambs
  • Alington Pedegree
  • Giles Alington
  • Robert Alington
  • John Austen
  • John Killingworth

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History of our villages Cambs.- Grt. & Little Shelford – Sawston