Thornton Story

I had always believed that my Thornton ancestors were Hampshire stock from medieval times. However, when I began to conduct family history research I found that they had in fact migrated from the Avon Valley in Wiltshire some time in the mid 1700’s and worked their way across the New Forest until my Great Grandfather Arthur Henry Thornton arrived in Morstead, which lies between Winchester and Owslebury, around 1878. My grandfather Thomas Thornton was born there in 1878. He met and married an Owslebury lass, Alice Anne Bunney and they lived their entire lives in the immediate area.
Unknown to me then, there were other Thornton relatives around us . These I came to know of when I found another person researching my family . Tim Morris had researched his family and was compiling a booklet of his findings which he shared when published in 1999 with the title ” Spring of the Pond”. This covered the era 1800 to 1950’s.
They say there is nowt as queer as folk. Looking back, I knew my Dads parents ,and all of his brothers and sisters they all frequently visited each other. However, living quite close were uncles and aunts of my Dad’s family none of which were acknowledged as such ?
In digging back further in the records I uncovered another branch of the family still living in Netton ,Wiltshire and was able to visit them in 2005 when on holiday in UK. Upon realising recently that there were no known male Thorntons to carry on our line I was prompted to reconnect with my Wiltshire cousins . Recent research using LDS Search has enable me to extend our lines in Wiltshire back another 100 years to c1560.